The Rummu Prison: From Soviet Jail to Diving Spot in Estonia’s UnderwaterLimestone Quarry – All You Need to Know!

People in this Soviet jail probably didn’t anticipate that the quarry they were made to work in
would become an idyllic location for diving. But the world is strange, and time is endless. The
Rummu Prison is an underwater limestone quarry in Rummu, Estonia, Europe.
It is located within Vasalemma Parish. The abandoned prison outside the tiny Estonian town of
Rummu has become a beach attraction. It used to be a scary stone structure. In the 1940s, the
The Soviet Union began constructing the jail.
It was constructed in a helpful spot near a limestone quarry where the prisoners had to work.
This article will address all you need to learn about the Rummu prison.

The History Behind The Rummu Prison

Rummu Prison Before Flooding

Abandoned Rummu prison

The quarry opened for public mining of Vasalemma marble and limestone in the late 1930s. The
latter is a unique type of limestone with a marble-like shape and feel.
Until the 1990s, Murru and Rummu inmates would mine and process limestone in the water-
drained quarry using heavy work in the Soviet era.
A lake instantly emerged from the prison as the water pumping ceased, submerging sections of
the utility facilities and equipment. Vasalemma spoils tip lies close to the lake.

Rummu Prison After Flooding

The spoil tip’s form is altered gradually due to water erosion. In 2001, the Rummu and Murru
prisons combined, and in 2004, the Harku women’s jail was created. Each of these prisons had
its last closing on December 31, 2012.
After the Rummu prison in Estonia shut down, the region is now famous for outdoor pursuits,
including exploring, rafting, diving, weekend getaways, competitions, and filming due to its
distinctive landscape. Architecture students at the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) have been researching concepts and developing various potential plans and theories for what the abandoned prison site could
one day be since 2015. The property’s owner hopes to build a technological park.

Is The Rummu Prison Safe?

KB Auto Eesti OÜ privately holds the area. While cars can’t stop near the path’s gate leading to
the Rummu prison in Estonia, getting there by car is challenging.
It’s hard to park near the Keila-Haapsalu road throughout the summer since the roadway was
blocked with parked cars, leaving it hard for intended traffic to go by.
Since the lake bed includes chunks of solid concrete, tree branches, steel spikes, steelwork, and
fencing, skilled divers have openly warned about jumping into the lake from abandoned
Starting in 2016, the region began to be blocked off due to traffic issues, the risk of swimming in
the lake, and the owner’s warnings about it.
A 17-year-old girl hurt her back on August 7, 2014, after jumping from a damaged structure into
the river. A 35-year-old guy had been found dead in the quarry in the evening of July 2016.

Can You Visit The Prison In The Winter?

Although swimming and diving at the Rummu Underwater Prison have grown in popularity, can
you still go there in Estonia during the winter? Even if you aren’t visiting Tallinn in the
summertime, include a visit to the jail on your list of tasks.
Whatever the time of year, you can appreciate the lake’s splendor without swimming in it. Take
in the fantastic views by exploring the neighboring hills and dunes.
Canoe renting and building exploration is still possible if the thrill center is open. The journey
from Tallinn is good. It is just for taking a walk around the lake.

Accessing The Submerged Rummu Prison

The prison is 45 kilometers southwest of Tallinn. It can be accessed in around 45 minutes by car
or 1.5 hours by bus. Bus route 146 travels to the small settlement of Rummu after leaving
Tallinn’s city center.
The abandoned prison is a mere 10-minute stroll to get there. The buses are warm, typically
reliable, and cost about 3 euros per person. While the duration of this path can differ based on
the season and the day of the week, it usually runs once every hour.
A solid rule of practice is always to take advantage of the last bus to avoid getting stuck in
Rummu. Also, tour operators are offering frequent tours to the Rummu Underwater Prison.

Most of those are usually diving schools that’ll drive you back and forth for an initial cost per
This is an excellent choice if scuba diving excites you. To avoid your stuff getting soaked,
remember you have lots of waterproof dry bags. It is best to use the bus, since it’s the cheapest
choice, or rent a car for the day if you require greater mobility.
If you seek more attractions around the Rummu Underwater Prison, visit Haapsalu. After a day
at the prison, this beach town is an excellent spot for enjoying a late lunch and is simply
reachable by bus.

Fun Things You Can Do At The Rummu Prison

The Underwater Prison

The Underwater Prison is big and full of fun. It later became a thrill center with several tourist
activities. The best ones are:

  • Explore Amazing Dunes

The old quarry’s dunes and hills are ideal for hiking. To see the old prison and lake effectively,
climb the dunes. Bring a camera while the crystal-clear water shows multiple submerged

  • Canoe Renting

Renting a canoe is an ideal way to see the submerged prison. Paddle on the lake and find
underwater objects for 25€. On colder days, it’s a perfect choice for swimming. Canoes fit three

  • Jet Surfing

Enjoy jet surfing for the initial time. A 50€ motorized surfboard may reach 56km/h around the
lake. A teacher lets you learn and operate the board properly. It’s impressive when you try it.
The Rummu Underwater Prison and fun facility in Estonia offer this odd aquatic activity.

  • Paddle Board Renting

The lake offers paddle boards with suits for 30€. This is an ideal mixture for paddling and
snorkeling as you may get in the water or remain mainly dry. A professional SUP tour of lake
attractions is 5€ extra than the usual rental.

  • Visit Abandoned Structures

Rummu Underwater Prison has dry regions and tours. Most areas stay dry.

  • Try snorkeling

Snorkeling may replace scuba diving. You may view many of the intriguing old prison buildings
without danger. The place offers flippers, masks, and snorkels for 35€ per person. An instructor
can give you guidance and warnings.

  • Rummu Prison Ice Skating

Adventure seekers love Rummu prison ice skating. Rummu prison in Estonia used to be a housing
Soviet prisoners were compelled to labor in the local quarry; yet, it is now abandoned and
submerged, rendering it unsafe for divers in the summer and ice skaters in winter.

Scuba Diving

Scuba divers visit Rummu Underwater Prison. pure lake water is its primary reason. The prison
offers many submerged buildings for exploring. Divers explore the lake bottom for lost objects
in the prison’s submerged building. A creepy underwater forest is near the prison. The lake’s visibility is best in winter and summer when it’s extremely hot or chilly. Perfect
conditions provide 40-meter viewing. The lake is 6 to 10 meters deep, but its deepest area is 13
meters. The area is for skilled divers alone. Divers can find submerged barbed wire, the oldest mining
tools, and meandering tunnels. Don’t go alone—book with a reliable diving school. The jail gives
affordable primary diving education, so you need abilities to enjoy its underwater maze truly.

Rummu Submerged Prison Entrance Cost

Beauty of Rummu Prison

Because it is on private property, entering the prison proved extremely difficult. Visitors usually
observe barbed wire fences with prohibited entry warnings.
The Rummu Underwater Prison was once only explored by urban explorers. Thus, it took a
while to become a favorite among travelers. Entering the prison has been legally allowed and
costs 3€ each person, so there’s no reason to fret about trespassing.
But since it remains a hidden gem, you can handle overcrowding. Weekends in the summer are
when you’ll find the most folks at this beach, as that’s when neighborhood kids gather to swim
and paddleboard.
Come during the week in the peak season, when it’s pretty lovely yet not nearly hot enough to
swim, for a more quiet time.
You can go right with either April or May or October. Prison visiting hours differ with the
seasons but typically fall between noon and 9 p.m.


The Soviet Union constructed the Rummu prison in Estonia in the 1940s, nearby a limestone
quarry. The quarry was flooded when the prisons were shut down in 2012, and the abandoned
structure became a popular tourist destination.
The distinctive geology of the prison makes it an ideal spot for outdoor activities like diving,
research, rafting, relaxing weekends, and filming. Yet, because the site is privately held and
offers potential hazards, visitors are urged to go in carefully.
Given the hazards, visitors can travel there by car or bus and engage in various activities like
hiking on the dunes, hiring a canoe, or enjoying the region’s distinctive beauty.

1. Rummu Underwater Prison In Estonia How To Get There?

Tallinn’s prison lies 45 kilometers southwest. Cars take 45 minutes, buses 1.5 hours. The 146
bus in Tallinn’s city center travels to Rummu, a little town. The abandoned prison is only a 10-
minute distant hike.

2. Where Is The Underwater Prison?

The Underwater Prison is located in Northern Estonia near Tallinn.

3. How To Get From Tallinn To Rummu?

Tallinn to Rummu is easy using a car or bus. Catch a bus from Tallinn to Keila, followed by a
train to Vasalemma, Rummu’s nearest train station. Walk or take a taxi to Rummu from

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