Miranda Castle: Chateau Miranda’s Dark History and Haunting Mysteries

Celles, Belgium, is home to the beautiful Miranda Castle, often called Chateau Miranda orChateau de Noisy. This castle is a stunning example of Gothic architecture in the southernBelgian Ardennes. However, many people claim to have experienced paranormal activity at this castle,contributing to its infamous haunted reputation. Miranda Castle has been abandoned andfalling apart since 1991, yet … Read more

Canfranc Station: From Abandoned Railway Hub to Historic Site & Tourist Destination [Updated]

Rail operations at Canfranc International Railway Station have been forgotten for nearly fifty years. The station, situated in Aragon near France and the Pyrenees, was a symbol of trade, luxury, and modernity until a 1970 freight train derailment cut off its already deteriorating route.The station’s 365 windows, 200m platforms, and somewhat lavish style date back … Read more