Miranda Castle: Chateau Miranda’s Dark History and Haunting Mysteries

Celles, Belgium, is home to the beautiful Miranda Castle, often called Chateau Miranda or
Chateau de Noisy. This castle is a stunning example of Gothic architecture in the southern
Belgian Ardennes. 
However, many people claim to have experienced paranormal activity at this castle,
contributing to its infamous haunted reputation. Miranda Castle has been abandoned and
falling apart since 1991, yet its dark history, destroyed condition, and unanswered mysteries
continue to draw those with a penchant for the mysterious and undiscovered. 
This article will go into the eerie history of Miranda Castle, including the strange deaths that
occurred there, the mysteries that remain unresolved, and the specters that are said to haunt
the place.

Where Is Miranda Castle Located?

In Celles, Belgium, there is a castle called Miranda Castle, sometimes known as Chateau
Miranda or Chateau de Noisy. This stunning castle is located in southern Belgium’s Ardennes
region and features hauntingly lovely architecture. The charming Miranda Castle is located in
the scenic surroundings of Celles, a little village in the province of Namur.

Why Is Miranda Castle Haunted?

Miranda Castle

Miranda Castle is thought to be haunted due to numerous paranormal events and experiences
that residents and visitors have claimed. Here are some fascinating aspects that add to its
reputation as a haunted area, even though the precise causes of its haunting are still unknown:

  1. Terrible History
    Rumors of cruelty and neglect are related to the castle’s former life as an orphanage and
    summer camp for kids. Some kids may have left lingering spiritual or energetic imprints of the
    disturbing events they encountered while staying at the castle.
  2. Neglect and Deterioration
    The palace has been deserted and decaying since 1991. Its remote and secluded location and
    the environment’s deterioration provides a spooky atmosphere conducive to ghost stories and
    other supernatural tales.
  3. Ghosts and Other Haunting Events

Numerous eyewitnesses have reported seeing ghostly apparitions in the castle, particularly
children’s ghosts. The castle has a reputation for being haunted because of encounters like
these as well as horrifying screams and strange sounds.

  1. Mysterious Deaths and Unsolved Mysteries
    The mystery surrounding the castle is increased by the untimely and mysterious death of the
    original architect, Edward Milner. The unanswered mysteries surrounding Miranda Castle add
    to the intrigue and questions about his death.
    The idea that Miranda Castle is haunted has grown due to numerous reports of weird
    happenings and paranormal phenomena, even though skeptics may dismiss these reports as
    coincidences or the product of the imagination. The castle draws people drawn to the
    enigmatic and unexplored because of its dark past, ruined status, or unsolved riddles.

Miranda Castle History

Miranda Castle

Edward Milner, an English architect, created Miranda Castle, also known as Chateau Miranda, in 1886. The Liedekerke-De Beaufort family, who were forced to abandon their previous home of
Vêves Castle because of the French Revolution, commissioned it.
Milner, however, passed away in 1884 before the mansion was finished. The clock tower
addition and ultimate completion of construction occurred in 1907.
The castle was inhabited by members of the Liedekerke-De Beaufort family up until World War
II. During the conflict, a portion of the Battle of the Bulge was fought on the castle’s grounds,
which led to German troops briefly occupying it.
The National Railway Company of Belgium (NMBS/SNCB) took control of the castle in 1950 and
renamed it “Chateau de Noisy” to operate as an orphanage and summer camp for ill children.
Until the late 1970s, it was a children’s camp.
Due to the enormous upkeep costs, the palace has been vacant and abandoned since 1991. The
property was looking for investors, but these efforts were unsuccessful. The Sels municipality
offered to buy the castle, but the family declined.
As a result, the palace became run-down and vulnerable to corrosion and vandalism. Over time,
the building suffered fire damage in various sections, and numerous ceiling regions started to
fall. Despite its deteriorating condition, the fort gained popularity as a location for urban

Mysterious And Fascinating Facts About Miranda Castle

 Castle Noisy, also known as Chateau Miranda, was referred to as Lecter Castle in the
television series “Hannibal.”

 Castle Noisy was used as the backdrop for the Belgian film “Het huis Anubis en de wraak
van Arghus” (The House of Anubis and the Revenge of Arghus).
 Children were given postcards with pictures of the castle to bring home while it was an
orphanage and summer camp. Sadly, some kids told horrifying tales of abuse and
 Dolls were found inside the castle in odd and unexpected places after it had been
deserted for a while.
 Visitors to the abandoned building have reported hearing terrifying children’s screams;
some have even claimed to have seen ghostly youngsters.
 Castle Miranda had an astounding 500 windows once French architect Pelchner finished
the building and added on.
 The project’s original architect, Edward Milner, passed away in 1884 before completing
it, leaving behind a murder that is still unsolved and a mystery to this day.
 The central clock tower of the castle was still in working order far into the late 20th
century, despite the absence of maintenance records.

Getting To Miranda Castle Belgium

Miranda Castle

Organize your vacation to Celles, Belgium, right away. This town is home to Miranda Castle, also
known as Chateau de Noisy.

 Brussels Airport (BRU) is the closest international airport to Celles. If you’re flying in,
schedule a flight to Brussels and travel to Celles from the airport.
 You may take the train to Celles from Brussels. Take the train from Brussels to Huet, the
closest station. The train ride lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
 There are numerous ways to go to Miranda Castle in Celles from Houyet. About 5
kilometers to the southwest of the city’s core is where the palace is.
 From Houyet to Miranda Castle, you can take a cab or use a ride-sharing service. This is
a quick and simple route to your goal.
 Alternatively, you might consider getting a car from Houyet Station. If you have a car,
you may move around more freely and explore the area at your own pace. To find
Miranda Castle in Celles, uses a GPS or a navigation program.
 From Houyet to Celles, you can take a local bus if you’d rather use public transportation.
Examine the bus routes and schedules before making your travel arrangements.

 It is significant to highlight that Miranda Castle is closed to the public and abandoned
due to safety concerns. It is not permitted to enter the fort because of its poor
 You can still go to the vicinity of the fort and take distant pictures of the exterior,
though. It’s worth seeing the castle because of its stunning location in the heart of the
Belgian countryside.
 To ensure visitor safety and site preservation, always respect the property and adhere
to any rules or regulations.


It’s a good idea to research the most recent details and updates about entry to Miranda
Castle before your trip. More precise and current information can be found in local government
or tourism departments.
Following these instructions, you can get to Sels, Belgium’s Miranda Castle, and get a good view
of its exterior architecture.


In conclusion, the mysterious and interesting Miranda Castle, also known as Chateau Miranda
or Chateau de Noisy is located near Celles, Belgium. The castle has developed a reputation for
being haunted due to its terrible history as an orphanage and summer camp, tales of abuse and
neglect, as well as the ghostly sightings and other paranormal phenomena that tourists have
recorded. The intriguing appeal of Miranda Castle is heightened by the inexplicable deaths,
which include that of the building’s original architect Edward Milner. 
The castle nevertheless fascinates people drawn to the paranormal and the unknown despite
its neglect and deterioration. Visitors can still admire its exterior and take in its breathtaking
position in the center of the Belgian countryside, even if it is closed to the public for security
concerns. Careful preparation and keeping up with the most recent information from local
authorities are required when organizing a trip to Miranda Castle. Miranda Castle is a testimony
to history, mysticism, and the everlasting obsession with haunted sites.

Can you visit Miranda Castle?

No, visiting Miranda Castle is not possible. Access to the site is only allowed by arrangement
with the Liedekerke de Beaufort family at Castle Veves.

Who currently owns the chateau?

The château is currently owned by Dick Strawbridge and his wife, Angel. They own and host the
popular Channel 4 program “Escape to the Chateau.”

What happened to Miranda Castle?

Demolition work on Miranda Castle began in 2016 due to concerns about its structural stability.
The demolition process took about a year, starting with the removal of the roof in October
By October 2017, the entire château had been demolished, with the central tower being
the last part to be removed.

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