Grossinger’s Resort The Rise and Fall: The Jewel of Catskills in New York

In the 1950s, wealthy New Yorkers desiring the peak of a luxurious getaway during the summer
would travel out into the Catskills to visit one of the numerous summer resorts in that area.
 The area was known as the Borscht Belt, and the Grossinger’s Resort was the crown gem
among the numerous rival vacation spots. An article published in 1954 in the newspaper
Commentary specified Grossinger’s as being “to resort hotels what Bergdorf Goodman is to
department shops, Cadillac is to cars, mink is to furs, and Tiffany is to jewelers.” 
Because Grossinger’s Resort address is in the hills within the tiny village of Liberty, New York, it
is commonly called the Waldorf in the Catskills. You will learn more about Grossinger’s Resort,
New York, in this article.

Grossinger’s Resort Location

Grossinger's Resort

Grossinger’s Resort address is 27 Grossinger Rd, Liberty, New York. Based on the Associated
Press, Grossinger’s Resort hotel, which spans 812 acres and is roughly 80 miles north of New
York City, used to be among the most renowned and beautiful resorts in the Catskills. A vast
number of visitors, the majority of whom were Jewish, would stop by the lodge each year.

Grossinger’s Resort Owner

Grossinger’s could be best known to the general public as the Catskill resort used as the basis
for “Kellerman’s Mountain Resort” in the movie Dirty Dancing, which came out in 1987. In 1986,
Grossinger’s descendants sold the land they possessed to Servico.

The History Of The Grossinger’s Resort

A renowned hotel in the Catskill Mountains of New York used to be known as Grossinger’s
Resort. In the early 1900s, Asher Selig Grossinger and his family created a business that
eventually adopted his name.
 In the early days, they gave hotel rooms to those who were visiting from New York City.
However, in 1919, they bought a larger house built on 100 acres of property named
Grossinger’s Terrace Hill mansion.

Grossinger’s Resort Heyday

History of Grossinger's Resort

Throughout the 1920s and the 1960s, Grossinger’s Resort’s heyday in the Catskill Mountains was
a well-liked place for visitors to enjoy their time off. , Grossinger’s Resort owner Jennie

Grossinger, daughter of the resort’s founding owners, oversaw and ran the business when it
stood at the peak of its fame. 
It later included upwards of 35 buildings, some of which were clubs known as the “Terrace
Room” and colossal dining halls. In addition, the resort had its very own airstrip and post office.
Grossinger’s Resort Hotel became renowned for its abundant housing that featured a ski resort,
golf course, and tennis facilities. Grossinger’s was the initial resort in the globe to employ
artificial snow in 1952.

Grossinger’s Resort 1960s

Grossinger’s kept its place as an attraction of preference for a significant proportion of its target
audience throughout the 1960s. Many influential people visited the hotel, notably athletes,
including Rocky Marciano, who enjoyed working out at the hotel, and stars, including Milton
Berle, Eddie Fisher, and Jackie Robinson. Rocky Marciano trained at the hotel.

The Demise Of The Grossinger’s Resort

Jennie Grossinger passed away in 1972, which coincided with the start of the resort’s collapse.
By the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s, Grossinger’s and the remaining hotels
in the region could no longer draw in people in their younger years.
Despite the reality that it was experiencing a decline, Grossinger’s remained in the spotlight
during the 1980s. A weekend-long event celebrating Woodstock occurred 15 years after the
first event occurred at the resort in 1984. 
The resort was also a model for the fictional Kellerman’s Mountain Resort featured in 1987
movie Dirty Dancing. The Grossinger family sold their property to Servico around 1986 since
this was the same year the leading hotels and resort regions were shut down.
 The golf course stayed active until 2017 and was kept in good shape by the guests of the golf
clubhouse, who lovingly nicknamed it “Big G.” Louis Cappelli, who controlled the site as of
September 2013 and meant to add casinos to the region, was one of the many people who
tried multiple times to revive the resort. 
Other people also attempted to restart the resort. Despite this, only a few prospective buyers
were interested in buying the resort due to the enormous expenses related to restoring it. The
tearing down of the last structures on the land started in the summertime of 2018 and lasted
through the fall of the same year when the final structure was torn down.
 In 2019, there had been rumors that Sullivan Resorts LLC, a subsidiary of Cappelli Enterprises,
wanted to construct a resort on the spot with an estimated cost of fifty million dollars. On
On August 16, 2022, one of the structures that continued to stand on the land caught fire and fell

The Design Of The Grossinger’s Resort

Abandoned Grossinger's Resort

As with many Catskill resorts, Grossinger’s changed throughout its past, starting as a Victorian
hotel and going through changes in the Mission style. 
It then had a Tudor-style development in the 1940s and ended with its result of Modernist-
styled lodgings and entertainment venues in the 1950s and 1960s. 
Frank Cottle, a local architect, took charge of the design of the initial building, which used to be
known as the Nichols House. The development in the 1940s was caused by rivalry with nearby
This rivalry led to the massive expansion of the dining room and the establishment of the
Terrace Room Club and the Pink Elephant bar.
One of the initial resort commissions that architect Morris Lapidus engaged in was the growth
and renovation of the Terrace Room, which took place back in 1949. The resort offered an array
of various types of attractions. These are some of the two most often-used attractions:

● Air Strip at Grossinger’s Resort:

Grossinger’s Resort did have a very own airstrip, which
was found right there on the resort’s grounds. The airstrip was used not just by visitors
who came to the resort by private plane or helicopter and stars who visited the place.
The airstrip also carried items and supplies to the hotel where it was placed. Despite the
resort’s falling appeal, its airfield was finally shut down and left in ruins.

● Ballroom Grossinger’s Resort:

One of the more famous Ballroom Grossinger’s Resort
was known as the “Terrace Room.” The Terrace Room was a vast, spacious nightclub
directly below the massive dining room. It could hold up to 1,200 people. It had a stage
that turned around and various types of pleasure, like songs, comedy, and dancing.
Milton Berle, Jackie Mason, and Jerry Lewis are just a few well-known individuals who
have played at the Terrace Room throughout its history.


Grossinger’s resort became the Borscht Belt’s central jewel, beloved by wealthy New Yorkers
who wanted an excellent holiday. The hotel was in Liberty, New York, famous for its elegant
houses, ski resort, golf course, and tennis fields. 
It started with Asher Selig Grossinger and his family. Afterward, Jennie Grossinger managed it
when it was at its most popular. But once Jennie Grossinger died in 1972, the resort began
heading downhill, eventually closing in the 1980s. 
Although there were multiple efforts to fix the failing resort, nobody wanted to purchase it
since fixing it up would cost a fortune. In the fall of 2018, the final buildings on the site were

While people attempted to rebuild the resort, one of the homes that remained on the site
caught fire and collapsed in August 2022. This made it difficult for the hotel to be rebuilt.
However, Grossinger’s Resort remains considered a location where wealthy New Yorkers went
to relax in summertime.

1. What happened to Grossinger’s Resort?

The Grossinger family sold the land to Servico in 1986. Grossinger’s golf course remained active
and maintained until 2017. Golf clubhouse members nicknamed the course “Big G.” The golf
course clubhouse was torn down in July 2018.

2. Why was Grossinger abandoned?

When Jennie passed away, problems got worse. By the end of the 1970s and the beginning of
the 1980s, places like Grossinger’s and Concord could no longer bring younger visitors.

3. How much did it cost to stay at Grossinger’s?

The prices, start at $65 for each person throughout the week and $74 on weekends for a
double room, including three meals.

4. Who owns Grossinger’s now?

Servico now owns Grossinger’s Resort.

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