Exploring The Abandoned Bannerman Castle: History, Renovation, And Tours

When you stood by the Hudson River nearby Newburgh, Beacon, or Cornwall-on-Hudson while
looking out over the river, you surely couldn’t help but observe the abandoned Castle on a
small island in the heart of the river. Your eyes weren’t misleading you.
Bannerman Castle is on this six-acre island that goes by Pollepel Island, its actual name.
Bannerman Castle stands on a small island in the heart of the Hudson River. 
Tours begin on a 30-minute boat trip from a dock next to the Beacon, New York, train station.
Therefore, it benefits both people who drive and those who take the Metro-North Railroad’s
Hudson Line.

Where Is Bannerman Castle Located?

Bannerman Castle sits on Pollepel Island, found in the Hudson River about 50 miles (80 km)
north of New York City within the U.S. New York State. The island remains part of the city of
Fishkill in Dutchess County.

Bannerman Castle History

Bannerman Castle

Castles frequently served as means to get cash for ships traveling down rivers in Europe. This
method of getting taxes is not used and may never be in the U.S.

The Bannerman Family

A businessman on vacation started canoeing in the quiet Hudson River nearby Beacon, New
York. In the heart of the waters was a lovely island. Certain Native American tribes thought it
was haunted since it wasn’t inhabited, but Mary Taft ultimately purchased it.
This businessman determined it was excellent for him and bought it from the Taft family, yet
not for what you might expect. Francis Bannerman purchased the place to use as a workshop.
He operated an effective surplus product business in Manhattan. 
His specialty was trading in old military resources. After the Spanish-American War, he got
many weapons and ammunition, that his stockpile became an issue. The town made him seek
a location besides downtown New York City for his enormous supply of explosives. 
He began working on the island instantly, building a dream island. He picked to create a Scottish
home on his new island haven. He was born in Scotland, came to the U.S. when he was three, and returned frequently.

His affection for his homeland drove him to create his new building as a Scottish castle with
thistle designs, ornate gables, and elegant railings. He placed big letters on the side of this
Castle to promote “Bannerman’s Arsenal.” 
He created a lovely home and yard for his family to enjoy the summers in. But any fantasies
stop. Bannerman died only 17 years after making the Castle. The family owned the land for
decades; however, it was always different.

Bannerman Castle Collapse

Bannerman Castle

The family left the Castle when a storm destroyed the ferryboat in 1950. The historic structures
quickly decayed after a devastating fire in 1969.
A trust was formed to protect this unique site after the New York State Office of Parks,
Recreation and Historic Preservation acquired the land. 
They became intrigued as American soldiers used the island during the American Revolution to
stop the British Fleet from reaching Manhattan by sinking wooden cribs containing metal-
tipped pointed logs into narrow waterways called “chevaux de frise” that sank the British ships.
It didn’t work.

The Rehabilitation

The property restoration was quite effective. In 1992, the area was rehabilitated, but after the
Bannerman Castle collapsed, and many of the walls fell, leaving just one Castle wall. This fantastic
wall gets used on several thrilling occasions. 
The Castle also offers arts events, minor concerts, movie screenings, and tours. They’re
fundraising to repair this intriguing building’s surviving portion.

What Is The Bannerman Castle Trust?

Hudson River fans gather at Peekskill’s Charles Point’s National Maritime Historical Society
under Crystal Bay restaurant. 
The Bannerman Castle Trust, which fixes the Castle remains and offers the island to visitors,
held a slide presentation and talked there one intense winter day last December. Neil Caplan,
the Trust’s founder, and leader, addressed once a professional sailing class’s graduation. 
Several years back, Neil traveled to this place seeking a location to do theater. Bannerman
Castle New York, fascinated him. The Trust’s tenacity led Albany’s focus to the quickly breaking
Castle, and they got the minor but crucial permission to study establishing Bannerman Island to
Trust got engineers and architects to the island so that 5 of the seven structures could be
secured. Thom Johnson usually takes the Trust’s aluminum boat to the location.

Thom, the Trust’s vice chairman, is tall, strong, and skilled in photography, painting, teaching,
and R&B drumming. He built a fantastic slide exhibit of Bannerman Castle from his numerous
visits to the island, starting when a friend took him as a kid. 
While locals prohibited Frank Bannerman from modifying the island’s name, his warehouse’s
north and east sides scream “BANNERMAN’S ISLAND ARSENAL,” visible to railway and boat

The Bannerman’s Catalogue

Bannerman Castle

Frank Bannerman launched a yearly Catalogue of the business’s military surplus products.
Between the 1880s till the 1960s, they were published frequently and grew gradually.
At its fullest, the Catalogue had almost 350 pages. It served as an almanac of excess. The paper
was extensive and had images ranging from Moroccan sheik saddles to African weapons with
barbed metal tips.
Sales weren’t restricted to the military, and neither were buyers. Bannerman sold clothes to
artists and theater shows. The Catalogue included camping supplies and outdoor tools.
Eventually, Bannerman’s Catalogue grew into an encyclopedia about military resources. Others
still say that the Catalogue was the ideal site to learn about old weapons of war.

The Bannerman Castle Tours

There are fantastic tours at Bannerman Castle. Below are some essential things to learn about
tours of Bannerman Castle:
 People can go on tours of Bannerman Castle to view the remains of the old Castle on
Pollepel Island is in the middle of the Hudson River.
 The tours generally begin near Beacon, New York, and feature a boat trip to the island.
 Many businesses and groups provide tours of Bannerman Castle. These tours show
people the Bannerman Castle’s history, design, and repairs.
 Throughout the tour, people can look at the buildings, walls, and various buildings
outside the Castle.
 Based on the tour, tourists can be ready to go into the Castle’s great courtyard and the
home of the Bannerman family.
 Guides that recognize a lot about the Castle and its previous owner and other things
about the Castle’s past.
 During the boat ride and when visiting the island, people enjoy breathtaking vistas of
the Hudson River and the area’s natural beauty.
 Bannerman Castle tours can include extra things to do, like hiking trails, picnic areas,
and exhibitions of items from the Castle’s past.

 Before joining a tour, verifying the schedule, access, and any particular needs or limits is
best. Tour options and how they function can vary.
For the most recent data and to make reservations, verify the main Bannerman Castle website
or contact a certified tour provider.


Bannerman Castle is a unique old place nearby Beacon, New York. It’s located on Pollepel Island
in the Hudson River. While Francis Bannerman, an entrepreneur in different products,
constructed the Castle, it was his arsenal and holiday home.
Storms, fires, and negligence made the Castle fall apart gradually. But the Bannerman Castle
New York Trust helped protect and repair the buildings that are still standing. 
Visitors can take boat trips from Beacon to explore the island and view the remains of the
Castle while learning about the island’s intriguing past from skilled guides. The tours are an
excellent means to learn about Bannerman Castle’s history and enjoy the splendor of the Hudson
River area.

How to get to Bannerman Castle?

Access this island from the Beacon Train Station or Newburgh boat dock. Kayaking from
Cornwall, Cold Spring, or Beacon. Canoes and sailboats may access the island.

What happened to Bannerman Castle?

Castle burns down. Francis Bannerman died in 1918, although his family company at Blue Point,
Long Island, lasted into the 1970s.

Where is Bannerman Castle?

Bannerman Castle occupies Pollepel Island in the Hudson River, 50 miles (80 km) north of New
York City.

How far is Niagara Falls from Bannerman Castle?

Four hundred miles (640 kilometers) between them. Traffic and route will have Bannerman Castle to Niagara Falls take 6-7 hours.

Who and when built the Bannerman Castle?

The Bannermans bought it from the Tafts in 1900 for safekeeping. Mr. Bannerman started
building a Scottish Castle and basic house in 1901.

What movies shoot on Bannerman Castle?

Bannerman Castle was used for filming “Road to Perdition” (2002) and “Don’t Say a Word”

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